Roll Your Own – Lessons learnt from towing a Windsurfer with a push bike

After no luck searching the Net for a Windsurfer cart or trailer i decided to build my own as shown. The trailer is of lightweight timber construction, 2 front wheels with forks from kid’s bikes (scavenged during Council collections) and the mast. The mast slides into two short PVC drain pipe sleeves and is secured with a tie down strap. The windsurfer mast base was used for the tow hitch. The trailer worked as excepted, however;

bike windsurfer trailer

bike windsurfer trailer

  • The 5m long trailer is difficult to maneuver between parked cars and you need to be constantly conscious of your extended length. Expect to get tooted often to pull over and let cars by,
  • You will be much slower on the road than you think,
  • The arrangement is “conditionally” stable, similar to airport luggage on rollers.  The trailer can easily tip and roll if you touch a kerb or roundabout (as experienced!!!).

Overall a hand drawn trailer or cart beats carrying a Wally but Don’t bother towing it behind a bike on the road.