Dennis’ Tips – Sailing to windward

First of all I would like to congratulate the people involved in the setting up of this web page as I believe it will help to improve communication and correspondence for current and future windsurfer class sailors.  Secondly, thanks for reading this blog!  I hope it’ll help you to be a better sailor, or at least try some new techniques.

I myself have been sailing windsurfer class for 34 years now, and have competed in local, state, national and international events. Over the years there have been slight changes to the equipment in materials and shape of sails and boards.  All in all the way and style of sailing the “wally” hasn’t changed that much (for me anyway).

Here is the start of some helpful tips that may help people who are new to the class, or people having trouble with certain aspects of sailing this board.

Dennis’s Tips are so invaluable that we’ve created and entire Section for them. His first tips can be found here Windward Settings

den sailing flat_small