Pic of the Week

Despite the light winds last Saturday there was close racing amongst the Narrabeen Fleet, and a sizable fleet it was with two newcomers Tomas and Rob joining.

In our ‘Pic of the Week’ Roger Crawford pumps his way into the lead on a downwind reach in Race 2 (Spring Championship). Some additional pics have been added to the Narrabeen Fleet picture gallery.

Windsurfer racing Narrabeen Lakes

Windsurfer racing last Saturday (18/10/14) on Narrabeen Lakes

The afternoon’s racing followed the typical format of 4 races; the Classic, Spring, Handicap and Championship races. Pumping is allowed only on the downwind legs of the Spring and Championship races.

The races were shortened in the 6-7.5 knot winds to one round of the typical Narrabeen zig-zag course followed by a hotdog and windward finish. Each race was approximately 17 minutes long.

The Season’s first slalom race will be held next Saturday and course racing on Sunday in the 3rd round of Sunday series.