Australian National Championships – Summary of Results

(Jan 2016 -Paradise Point Sailing Club, Gold Coast, Qld)

Trophy Winners & Awards

  • Youth Female – Courtney Schoutrop, Qld
  • Youth Male     – Benjamin Drabik, WA
  • Junior Male     – William Grimshaw, Vic
  • Junior Female – Brittany Schoutrop, Qld


  1. Tim Gourlay, WA
  2. Josh Green, Qld
  3. Stuart Gilbert, NSW



  1. Tim Gourlay, WA
  2. Rob Howard, NSW
  3. Josh Green, Qld


  1. Stuart Gilbert, NSW
  2. Roger Crawford, NSW
  3. Tim Lelliott, Qld


  1. Simon Jones, NSW
  2. Greg Johns, NSW
  3. Antony Ceruti, ACT

Super Heavy weight

  1. Gerald Nailon, Vic
  2. Paul Grimshaw, Vic


  1. Tonia Grimshaw-Lloyd, Vic
  2. Courtney Schoutrop, Qld
  3. Brittany Schoutrop, Qld


Marathon – Men

  1. Rob Howard, NSW
  2. Josh Green, Qld
  3. Tim Gourlay, WA

Marathon – Women

  1. Tonia Grimshaw-Lloyd, Vic


  1. Frank Fontyne, Qld
  2. Josh Green, Qld
  3. Tim Gourlay, WA


Overall Men – Stuart Gilbert, NSW

Overall Women – Tonia Grimshaw-Lloyd, Vic

  • Master (40-49yrs) – Tim Gourlay, WA
  • Grand-Master (50-59yrs) – Stuart Gilbert, NSW
  • Ancient Mariner (60yrs+) – Rob Howard, NSW


  • Principal Race Officer’s Award – Brittany Schoutrop, Qld
  • Future Encouragement Award – Daisy Deacon, NSW
  • Artistic Integrity Award – Lance ‘Jinx’ Spring, Qld
  • Navigation Award – The Drabik Family, WA
  • Holey Dollar Award – John Murphy, PPSC     – Peter & Justine, PPSC

Special Thanks to:

  •    Josh Green, Qld and Dallas,
  •    Tim Lelliott, Qld and Casey,

The windsurfers who performed the Tandem Freestyle Windsurfing Demonstration


To all competitors, supporters, sponsors, volunteers and Paradise Point Sailing Club, Windsurfing Qld and Yachting Qld, for making this event happen.

Thanks also to the Gold Coast for the perfect windsurfing conditions.


The entire score sheet is here :201601NationalsParadisePointScoreSheet