Nationals News & More

Queensland News

The most recent Windsurfer One Design sailing was in Queensland last Sunday when a fleet of 7 ws one designs and some Longboards had a regular meeting. Lance Spring, Josh Green, Tim Lelliott, Justin Boland, Trevor, Alan and Frank Fontyne (our new Windsurfer Class Freestyle Champion!), together with Mrs Trev, Jackie, Graham and others on longboards, left from Victoria Point in SE Queensland. They sailed across to Coochiemudlo Island for lunch and some freestyle practice. Stopping part way back, they compared notes with some kayak fisherman who raved about the amazing colour of the sails, when heading in a fleet towards them.

Nationals News

We now have the go-ahead with the venue for the next Nationals – the 40th Anniversary Nationals. The venue is Balmoral Sailing Club, The Esplanade, Mosman, NSW. The event will run from Thursday, 26 January 2017 to Sunday, 29 January 2017.

There’s a perfect bird’s eye view shot of the area on the BSC website. Balmoral Sailing Club .

The Notice of Race will be available once it’s checked by the club. The timing with this is so that it gives a bit more time for people traveling from outside of NSW, hopefully from overseas too, to make their plans.

Entry fees will be the same as last year. Along with getting this information out, it’s good if we can work together to get an idea of extra boards needed. A link will be sent about this, or please email with ideas. A group of windsurfer one design sailors in Italy and Spain have ordered some boards. Some of these will be available as charter boards. The idea being that inter-Staters bring their sail, boom and centre board, with the rest supplied. Also, Windgenuity and Greg Johns, the distributors, want to let people know that they’re working with Nick Bez from Victoria on reducing transport costs. For people wanting to order new gear before the nationals, you can see if anyone’s coordinating an order in your local area.

  • In Victoria, contact Nick Bez at Vic Wallys Facebook
  • In Queensland contact Josh Green via the link below. Some of you may have met Josh when he was running the registration desk at the nationals along with Lance Spring and Tim Lelliott.
  • In Tasmania you can contact Damien at Jay Sails in Hobart or Al at Planet Surf in Launceston. The guys will help out anyone wanting to sail at the 40th nationals, or contact Tim Jones, via Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania or via email to  Windsurfer Class email    RYCT have some windsurfer one designs in their fleet, including a RYCT club board donated by two WCAA members in 2013.

AWA Green Island Slalom

Keep an eye on the AWA Green Island Slalom, Freestyle (short boards, not Wallys) and Freerace Nationals from 5 June – 9 June WA Green Island Event  Two long time Windsurfer One Design champs, Beau Moulson from New South Wales and Dennis Winstanley from Queensland, plan to be there. Not on Wallys. Also two of our latest sailors, Alex and Ellie will be competing at Green Island in the junior ranks. Hopefully they will meet up with young champ William from Parkdale Yacht Club in Victoria this season. Along with Ben from Western Australia and Courtney and Brittany from Queensland, we’ve had a few more juniors join in this season.
We’ve also got some great sailors in Western Australia and South Australia looking at gearing up for the nationals.


More big news the AGM will be held soon. More information to follow.