Sydney clubs update

Balmoral Sailing Club has maintained the momentum from January’s Nationals with an enthusiastic fleet of One Design sailors every Saturday afternoon.  The races continued right up until June and will start up again in September 2017.  Contact Mel for more information:

Narrabeen Sailing Club will also re-commence club races in September with Sunday afternoon races.   Sailors can launch from Jamieson Park or Billarong Reserve.

Winter racing continues at Dobroyd Aquatic Club on the first Saturday of each winter month.  The final race of the series is Saturday 5th August.  Raceboards and Windsurfers race together.  There have been around 25 competitors this series, mostly raceboard, with a wide range of experience.

Dobroyd Twilight Races commence early October.  The races start at 6pm and cater to all levels, including beginners, with a handicap start from the beach.  Races are followed by dinner at the local pizza restaurant, making for an excellent mid-week night out.  Friends, partners and hangers-on are welcome.  About 5 to 10 Windsurfer One Designs participate each season, along with 20 raceboards.

Dobroyd Saturday races commence in September and are held every week until April.  Windsurfer One Design sailors are welcome, although the sailboard fleet is dominated by raceboards.

St George Sailing club also holds club races each week through summer.  As with Dobroyd, Windsurfer One Design sailors are welcome to sail with the raceboards and formula sailors.

Woollahra Sailing Club has welcomed visiting sailboarders into its Sunday morning winter races for the last two seasons.  Rose Bay is a lovely spot to sail in a sunny Westerly.  Both raceboarders and Windsurfer One Designs have participated and enjoyed lunch on the club deck afterwards.

Board storage:  Storage is available at Narrabeen Sailing Club, Dobroyd Aquatic Club and now also at Balmoral Sailing Club, thanks to the untiring efforts of Mel.

DAC Twilight sailors love a good dress-up

To find out more, write to Karen: