Further details have been revealed since our previous post  on the future WINDSURFER LT


At the 2017 Nationals at Balmoral three of us got together to address the demise of light wind windsurfing on easily driven boards so that in many areas windsurfing has completely disappeared.

The high wind orientated wide boards with massive rigs has proven to not be the way to go with the majority of the market.

The Windsurfer LT has been designed to use the original rig.

The 3 initiators of this project have over 100 years combined in the sport, they are:

Bruce Wylie

1985 Windsurfer World Overall Champion

Professional Boardsailor

Cobra production manager

Vincenzo Baglione

Owner of Albaria Windsurfing Club which runs the Windsurfing World Festival for decades.

Greg Johns

Formed the Windsurfer Class Association of Australia in 1977

Authored the Yachting Australia TL7 National Windsurfing training scheme in 1979

Australian National Windsurfing Coach 1983 to 1996.

Owner of Windgenuity Sailboards since 1986.

We have also had the assistance of Italian Olympic windsurfer Riccardo Giordano and Edoardo Thermes in the design of the project.

An addition to the concept, is the opening up to all brands the opportunity to distribute the boards and rigs with their own branding. Thus bringing the industry together and giving it a world wide momentum.

Windsurfer LT


Windsurfer LT

Length: 3.659 m (12 foot – same as Original Windsurfer)
Width: 73.9cm (65cm Original)
Volume: 229 litres (~200 litres Original)
Weight: 15 kg (~21.5 kg Original)

Australian Program

In Australia, at the 2018 Nationals the members were presented with the concept and the use of two prototypes, the meeting enthusiastically endorsed the new hull, centerboard and skeg.

It is expected that at the AGM in the next months it will be adopted for competition, with the older boards grandfathered and still to be able to compete.

To assist a swift and smooth changeover for those who choose to do so, Windgenuity Sailboards will have until the 2019 Nationals the chance for class members to buy the new hull, CB and skeg for $750 including GST ex factory in Sydney.

A custom board bag to suit the LT will also be available as part of the introductory offer for $150.

The first 5 boards arrive just before Easter and are sold, the next shipment will arrive in June.

Already without any direct promotion we have expressions of interest for about a third of the June delivery.

We will have to order for September delivery by April 16th.

So we are asking for orders along with a $50.00 deposit by April 13th to secure your special offer board and to help us to determine the demand.

You can opt for a June or September delivery. Email to me at for more details or to express your interest.


Greg Johns