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Windsurfer LT Update 3


Just an update as to the growing interest in the Windsurfer Class.

In Australia we have about 74 orders already and 20 new people ( some are old members coming back).

There looks like we will be getting new fleets in Tassie, Adelaide and Perth.

Edoardo is going gang busters in Europe, in addition to the already fleets all over Italy he has enquiries from Spain, France, Germany, Holland and England, running out of enough boards may become the issue.

Bruce Wylie is near to appointing an American distributor where I have been fielding many enquiries.

There are even enquiries from South Africa where there was a large fleet.


We are getting 2-3 orders every day , some have opted for September,  and now only have 4 boards available in June.

We will have to order for September 1st delivery by April 16th.

So we are asking for orders along with a $50.00 deposit by April 13th to secure your special offer board and to help us to determine the demand.

You can opt for a June or September delivery. Email to me at for more details.

Best regards
Greg Johns

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