Windsurfer LT Update (May)


Australian commitments are now up to 142 with another 10 currently in discussion.


Cobra has built a third mold to keep up with international demand and so by delaying the shipment by 2 weeks we were able to completely fill the container and bring forward some of the delivery dates.

The first container with 123 boards will arrive in our warehouse on June 28th (unless there are delays in shipping/customs)

Board only

Anyone with an invoice number up to WL124 can have the board from this shipment.


Because the boards have been brought forward by a few months we do not have enough rig parts as follows.


We have enough to go down to invoice WL87.

The sails for these orders are the green #1 or orange #5 that we offered you when we sent out the original information (see Update 2).

You can keep with that colour or specify now if you did not before.

Everyone now has the option if they wait until the end of August to choose from the second batch of sails (pictured below) Full Blue, Full Red, Naish, German Sunset, Orange Power or Angel White.

Windsurfer LT sails 2018

Windsurfer LT sails 2018


We have enough to go down to invoice WL87, the remainder will be here early August.

Mast Bases

We have none and they will not be here until early August, if you have a standard SDM mast base from a non Windsurfer board it will work


We have none and they will not be here until early August..


For the balance of the invoice for board only, to avoid delays, can you please make the payment by June 12th, as I will be away until July 2nd and the staff will not let any board be delivered without the balance being paid.


In the first week of June I will contact everyone directly about their shipping costs and / or pick up at the warehouse.


Anyone who has not yet ordered an LT but would like to, please email me at