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2019 Windsurfer Class Australian Championships

The WCAA invites competitors, families and supporters to the waters of Lake Macquaire for the 42nd Windsurfer Australian Championships.

Location: Toronto Amateur Sailing Club, Toronto, NSW

Date: 24th January – 27th January 2019

Join in the historic next step in the evolution of the Class. With over 200 boards sold already, it’s time to crown the first of the new generation LT national champions.

Expect great sailing conditions and a super fun vibe backed with a solid social program.

Big race calendar featuring course racing, marathon, slalom and freestyle.

All versions of the Windsurfer are welcomed and class legal for racing including the Windsurfer ‘LT’, ‘One Design’ and ‘Original’ when sailed with ‘as manufacturer supplied’ equipment.

A Cruiser division will be offered for novice/returning/relaxed racers featuring shorter courses.

Discounted regatta entry available for first timers, Juniors, Families and returning racers (no Nationals since 2010).

Notice of Race and Online entry will open by mid October.

A limited number of charter LT’s will be available to competitors from Western Australia and Internationals.
Email Greg Johns @ Windgeunity to express your interest. First in best dressed on these.

Toronto is an easy 1.45 hour drive north of Sydney and about 30 kilometers from Newcastle, which is the closest airport.

The club is situated right on the foreshore with plenty of grass area for rigging, great facilities including a large viewing deck looking right over the race course. Full canteen/bar facilities.

Plenty of accommodation close to the Club including the Catalina Motel, The Brighton Apartment, Toronto Hotel or the Lakeside Caravan Park. See more on accommodation here

Stay tuned for more information.


Sydney Championship Series 2018 -2019, save the dates

Save the dates for the coming season’s Sydney Series.  Each event is a series of races.  Come to one or come to all and battle for the crown of Sydney Champion.

Sydney Series Heat 1 DAC – 13 Oct (with rippers Bic Techno)

Sydney Series Heat 2 Balmoral- 24 Nov (with rippers Bic Techno)

Sydney Series Heat 3 Narrabeen -13 Jan

Sydney Series Heat 4 Woollahra -3 Feb (with rippers Bic Techno)

Watch this space for registration information and Notice of Race.  And don’t forget to join windsurfer class.

Windsurfer LT Update 4


I have just spoken to Bruce Wylie today about the progress of the project.

Cobra is about to produce a third mould to try to keep up with the growing demand. Edoardo in Italy has just ordered 250 boards.

Below is information about events in Italy, I am sure the Italians will help out with charter boards.

Windsurfer Class International Events

Windsurfer Class Italian Events

In September Windsurfing Japan will be running a regatta, I will chase up details.

In December there will be a regatta at Pattaya, in Thailand, I will chase up details.

In January the Australian Nationals will most probably be held in Sydney around the Australia Day weekend.


We have now orders for 92 boards.

The June shipment is sold out, in fact over ordered.

I have ordered 50 more for September so if I don’t order more by the morning of April 16th there are only 8 available.

We will have to order for September 1st delivery by April 16th.

So we are asking for orders along with a $50.00 deposit by April 16th to secure your special offer board and to help us to determine the demand for the September shipment.

Email to me at for more details.

After that we will be ordering on June 14th for a late October delivery.



Unlike the prototypes which some of you got to sail, there will be no raised rail pad, this is because it was about 50/50 like /dislike and it complicated production and the costs.

Some of you have never owned a modern board. The screw in front of the mast track is a breather hole – most modern styrenne foam core boards have it. It is there for to equalise pressure if the board heats up or is taken on a plane. Screw it down tight and don’t touch it unless you decide to leave it in a car on a hot day or fly with it. Never, have it open, when the board is wet or in a wet board bag as the water will be sucked into the board.

The Centre Board (CB) insert has a hole in it, if you want to have the CB non removable reverse the plate and put the pivot point in the hole, some schools will take this option for security.

Below are some pictures – there will be available a smaller plastic CB which does not project above the deck and a cover for schools. There is also a cover plate with a hand hold for Stand Up Surfing.

Windsurfer LT centre board, INSERTS: Centre board case , SUP carry handle

Windsurfer LT centre board, INSERTS: Centre board case , SUP carry handle


Best regards,

Greg Johns

2018 National Championships Summary

Day 1


Port Phillip Bay was at its best and ready to accommodate the 49 eager Wally racers from Qld, NSW, Vic and SA, with an age range of 12 to 70. The wind speed was at 10 to 12 knots and building so course racing was scheduled for the day.

The competition was tight in the ideal conditions. Several races of windward return were held in the morning. After a quick lunch all headed back out for more course racing in a southerly breeze that peaked at about 18 kts with challenging waves to negotiate.

A great start to the regatta which was run impeccably by Nick Bez and the Parkdale Yacht Club crew.. The day finished with a welcome dinner at the Club House that was much appreciated by everyone.

Day 2

A clear blue sky with light SW winds in the morning. The free style competition area was conveniently located in front of the clubhouse. Making the clubhouse deck an ideal viewing platform. A PA system on the deck pumped out music continuously throughout the day and commentary during the free style event would have made Roy & HG proud. There was some excellent talent on display and Mark Lloyd finished off the session with a strip tease.

After lunch the SW wind had picked up and the slalom course was set up close to the shore in front of the club house. The format consisted of a double elimination (2nd chance) series. Without a doubt the highlight of the series was Mel’s kick-arse performance against the boys. The grand final race comprised of a few races to decide the Slalom winner.

The entertainment at club that night was charcoal bbq souvlaki dinner followed by a live band.

Day 3

Windsurfer Nationals 2018

Windsurfer Nationals 2018

The Marathon Race day. The race started in a medium strength SW breeze. The course consisted of a work, run (in line with the club house) and then a long reach along the length of the beach north towards Beaumaris, another work, run and then a return reach along the beach back to the club house.

The wind dropped off significantly after the first work. Which made the following run leg difficult in bumpy conditions with waves outrunning our boards. The remainder of the race was in light winds so it was a pumping race.

In the afternoon Greg John’s presented the new WINDSURFER LT board which will eventually be the base board for the windsurfer class. More details on the announcement are here.

Day 4

Saw a return to course racing but this time competitors were faced with 40 degrees of heat and a northerly wind that gusted from 5 to 15kts+  with massive direction shifts.  This made for  interesting races with many lead changes.

Standout performers were  Mark Lloyd and Will Grimshaw (actually a Junior too) in lightweights, Nic Bez and Tim Elliot in medium weight, Simon Jones and Scott Buckingham in heavyweights,  Paul Grimshaw and Gerald Nailon in Super heavyweights. The Women’s category was dominated by Mel Webb.

By early afternoon all racing was completed. No protests or unsavoury incidents so yet again this fleet is like a big happy family. Drinks and food at the clubhouse for the presentation that followed.

There were many tired but exhilarated sailors at the finish of a wonderful 4 day regatta. Bring on the next one.

The full competition results are available here: PDF