Dobroyd Fleet Pics

Training Day  (24/09/2016)

After a successful year over the 15/16 season producing two batches of graduates Richie again run his course for the 16/17 season.

Training Day 3 (26/09/2015)

Cold (southeasterly) offshore winds blow the learners to the other side of the bay. The advantage of learning at a Club is that a rescue boat is available for a lift.

Training Day (12/09/2015)

First training day at Dobroyd Aquatic Club. The Windsurfer One Design boards were fitted with the small “Junior One” sails on the Windsurfer rig.

Resident Raceboarders Richard & Lissa instruct the newbs from a Windsurfer and paddle board.


Round 2 of the NSW Windsurfer Class Traveller’s Trophy Series was hosted by Dobroyd Aquatic Club, home to Windsurfing in Sydney’s Inner West on Saturday 10th January, 2015.

Twilight windsurfing in a light nor’easter on Iron Cove, 22/10/14. It’s early days and the windsurfer fleet was spread out that eve but the racing will get closer as the handicaps are corrected over a few races.