Narrabeen Fleet Pics

Selected Pics from the current season

Race Day 3 – 26/09/2015

After a week of wild southerly winds Saturday’s winds were lighter but cold and shifty.


Start of the 2015/16 Season on Saturday the 12th of September in light NW winds. Kerry who regularly runs the RIB and starts the races took these photos from the Lake’s northern shore.



Previous Season 2014/2015

3/1/2015 – The first race of the new year and Narra was going Nuts! An average breeze of 11-12 knots and gusting to 21-25 knots. Perfect practice for the upcoming Windsurfer Nationals. It was also the last race for Tomas who started with us as a beginner last year.

Some vids of the 2nd & 3rd legs of Race 2.

Steve pumps to snatch the lead from Roger.

Steve pumps and extends his lead and later takes the race.




13/12/2014 – Finally after a week and a half of afternoon thunderstorms and rain we get a cold and fickle SE’ster, Max 13.5 knt, Ave 8.4 knt every race. As always Kerry has taken a few fine pics of the racing from the rescue boat.



29/11/2014 – An epic NE’ster by Narrabeen Lake’s standards