Windsurfer Racing

Although casual cruising on a Windsurfer is enjoyable, competition takes Windsurfing to a whole new level.  Racing pushes you to sail further, faster and make course changes, such as to round marks and avoid collisions.  Racing challenges you to sail in more difficult conditions, to experiment with sail trim, board trim and harness settings.  Racing is a great introduction to new waterways and you can be safe in the knowledge that a rescue boat is never far away. Most importantly, racing is a great way to meet like-minded people to sail with, learn from and enjoy a meal with afterwards.


 Regatta Entry Fees

The Windsurfer Class Association of Australia encourages on-line registration for all events at . This saves time for sailors on race day.  On-line entry fees are discounted if purchased in advance.

Racing Insurance

It is a requirement for racing that all competitors are insured.  To enter any club or inter club windsurfer competition you will be required to hold current racing insurance. The type of insurance depends on the organising authority for each event. The exact  terms of insurance cover for sailing change from time to time so the recommendations below are provided for guidance only.

  • If racing is at an Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA) affiliated event or Club then AWA insurance is required.
  • If racing at a typical sailing club then Yachting Australia (YA) membership and insurance is required.
  • For YA affiliated events, personal injury cover is covered by YA membership. So you need insurance to cover for injuries to others or damage to their boats caused by you. For this you need Third party insurance cover and Yachting NSW has the following rates for a WINDSURFER (Aug 2014): Third party $10 million liability cover only, Premium = $50 and Excess = $500 [Sailboat racing cover up to 100NM race length including spinnaker usage/Australia wide coverage up to 250NM off the mainland coast]
  • We recommend that all windsurfers become members of the Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA)  and obtain this insurance and early in the season so you can maximise your event attendance (including twilight racing nights). Further details can be found at . This insurance covers injury to someone else or damage to someone else’s property. AWA members can also register sail numbers. The cost of AWA membership (including insurance) is approximately $40.

Basicaly to race you need:

  • Club level = YA membership + *Third Party Cover ($50)
  • Non-club events such as Twilight racing, Interclub events, State Titles, Nationals Titles = AWA membership (third party liability cover)

*Clubs may have different insurance cover requirements. For example NLSC only requires $5 million third party damage cover, hence a different insurance policy may be cheaper, but remember to check/request the racing extension when obtaining a quote!