One of the key reasons that the Windsurfer Class has remained strong over the years is competitive and fun racing. This season is no exception and many races are planned at Club, State and National levels.

The Windsurfer Class Association of Australia (WCAA) is planning the following interclub events this season:

  • A Sydney Champion Series – serves to promote racing Windsurfer (Original & One Design) at existing clubs and venues within Sydney.  The event is typically held over a number of days in different locations, with point scores for all events combined to find an overall winner.
  • State Titles – Course racing the Windsurfer (Original & One Design) for a number of races over 2 days (weekend).
  • Combined events – Windsurfer and Raceboard combined events have been successful in previous seasons.
  • National Titles – Multi-discipline competition for Windsurfer (Original & One Design) held over 4 days and comprising course racing, slalom, marathon and freestyle events.

All events are open to all sailors of any experience level and those who are new to racing or returning after a long break can choose to complete shorter courses.

Boards are typically available to hire or borrow for State Titles and National Championships.