Joining the Association is a requirement if you wish to compete at interclub events organised by the WCAA (Traveller Series, State and National Titles.

Annual dues can be paid during the sailing season (SEPTEMBER to APRIL) using the tidyclub portal

There are two options:

  • Windsurfer Class Association membership plus Windsurfing Australia (WA) membership and its Third Party Liability Insurance (WATPL)
  • Windsurfer Class Association membership only (as you already have WA TPL)


  • WCAA membership and WATPL is required to compete at all WCAA events
  • WATPL is only valid over the financial year, hence the policy lapses on June 30th. If you intend to race over winter such as in Dobroyd Aquatic Club’s winter series then purchase the WATPL from the WA site directly on the 1st of July.
  • Windsurfing Australia membership also entitles you to select a sail number and it register it for 2 years.