Joining Windsurfer Class Association of Australia (WCAA) is a requirement if you wish to compete at events organised by the WCAA (Travellers’ Series, State and Australian National Titles).

There are two membership plans to choose from:

    • Windsurfer Class Association membership plus Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA) Membership which includes Third Party Liability Insurance (AWA-TPL)
    • Windsurfer Class Association membership only.  You may only use this plan if you already have AWA-endorsed TPL via membership of an affiliated sailing club.


  • WCAA membership and AWA-TPL is required to compete at all WCAA events
  • All memberships expire on June 30th.  If you intend to race over winter such as in Dobroyd Aquatic Club’s winter series then be sure to re-join on the 1st of July so that you have insurance coverage.
  • All members are assigned an official AUS sail number.  These are managed by the AWA.  You can check the status of your sail number at the AWA website:

Membership fees can be paid by clicking the link below.  Note this is a new membership management platform, we are no longer using tidyclubs from May 2018.  You will need to create a new account: Regatta Toolbox membership portal

Affiliated sailing clubs

Affiliated clubs are sailing clubs, yacht clubs or groups such as twilight sailors or wavesailors that are formally affiliated with the Australian Windsurfing Association (AWA).  The affiliations are renewed each year in July.  For a list of currently affiliated clubs, see  If you are a member of an affiliated club you should be able to find your name, your sail number and check on your personal insurance coverage by clicking on ‘membership status’ on the AWA website  If you are not a member of a club that is affiliated with AWA, then you must purchase third party liability insurance through WCAA if you wish to compete in WCAA events.

Australian Sailing (Yachting Australia) insurance

The AWA third party liability insurance (TPL) required for Windsurfer members is not the same type of Insurance as Australian Sailing (formerly Yachting Australia) Insurance, which people receive when they join Australian sailing and yacht clubs.  The AWA TPL Policy covers the named windsurfer sailor for 24 hours a day, except when competing in a non-recognised event. It includes cover in most countries, excluding USA and Canada*.