Reunion Party; save the date

A reunion party has been organised for Friday the 27th of January 2017 at Cala Luna at Middle Harbour Yacht club, Sydney.
Tickets will be approximately $60 per head and include a welcome drink and substantial finger food.
For more details or to buy tickets, email Amelia and Niki <>

Windsurfer Nationals 2014 gate mark

Announcing the 40th Anniversary of Windsurfer in Australia

Forget the PBA, forget the Olympics and the Raceboard World Championships ….

THE 40TH Windsurfer Class Australian Championships is coming to Balmoral (Sydney) next January 2017 (Thurs 26 – Sun 29th)… and it’s going to be big!

We’re expecting the woodwork to be empty as there are so many people coming out of it to join in for the thrills, partying, athleticism, cunning and sheer joy that is wally sailing.

Let us be the first to confirm the rumour that we have been lucky enough to secure some of the real legends of the sport to join in the party…Robby Naish, Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Jason Polokow, Greg Hyde, Lars Kleppich, Phil McGain, Brendan Todd and Barbara Kendall are all not sailing.  Or maybe they will…

Whether your off-season has only been a few months or twenty years it’s time to start planning your attendance.

Click here to download the Notice Of Race: ws-one-design-preliminary-notice-of-race-aust-champs-2017

Sponsors needed.  Great exposure, support your sport: sponsorship-opportunities

And watch this space for more information.



Committee for 2016/17 Season

The WCAA Committee for 2016/17 Season and the 40th National Championships:

  • President Dave West (NSW)
  • Secretary Stephen Barton (NSW)
  • Treasurer Roger Crawford (NSW)

General Committee

  • Josh Green (Qld)

State Reps

  • Vic Rep Nick Bez
  • NT Rep John Lynch
  • Qld Rep Peter Nitschke
  • SA Rep Kym Symonds
  • ACT Chris Thompson
  • NSW Will Wright

Voting – Windsurfer Class Association Australia 2016/2017 Committee

Voting is now open!

Members of the Windsurfer Class Association Australia can now vote for the next Committee. Click on this link to vote.

Your vote is important.

There is a 12 noon cut-off time on Tuesday, 14 June, for votes to be received.  Results will then be tallied through an independent voting system and also checked by the independent election person. Results will then be available at the AGM that evening. Thanks to all the members for contributing to the voting process, such as nominations and suggestions to pass on to the next committee.Congratulations to the nominees.

Please contact Roger, the current president with any queries on 0429 910 081

Call for NOMINATIONS for the 2016/2017 WCAA Committee & Notice of AGM for 2015/2016

The Windsurfer Class Association AGM will be held on Tuesday 14 June 2016 at 7.30pm at the Oaks Hotel, 118 Military Road, Neutral Bay, Sydney, NSW. Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay, NSW

To nominate yourself or someone else for a position on the next committee, please follow the link below.

Call for NOMINATIONS for 2016/2017 WCAA Committee

A further link will be available on Wednesday 8 June for Online Voting.

Cheers, WCAA  Committee