Windsurfer: the sailcraft that created a sport

The Windsurfer created the sport of windsurfing over 40 years ago.  It has a colourful history and has produced many Champions and Olympians. Although newer and higher performance sailboards have evolved and died over the decades, the Windsurfer fleet remains strong,  because the Windsurfer:

  • is simple, affordable and durable
  • is buoyant, stable and easy to sail, making it great for beginners
  • is maneuverable and quick to tack, making it fun and tactical to race
  • provides competitive “one design” racing – every sailor is on the same equipment, which encourages racing tactics and sailing skills rather than costly equipment upgrades to increase board speed
  • maintains consistent equipment specifications so that boards remain competitive for years
  • is supported by the manufacturer (Windgenuity@bigpond.com) and at Clubs which provide safe training and racing
  • is fun to sail with family, friends and in competition.

The Windsurfer One Design is a long board with full flotation and partially retractable centreboard.  It is supplied with all parts and accessories including one mylar sail (6 square metres).  Small sails can be used for learners and children.

There are two types of Windsurfer on the water, the original Windsurfer and the Windsurfer One Design. Both are able to be raced at all club, state and national events. The original board was improved and relaunched as the Windsurfer One Design in 1986. Today only the Windsurfer One Design is manufactured and supported with spares.

The Windsurfer One Design is far more controllable than the original Windsurfer, with its smaller and higher aspect sail, retractable (swinging) centreboard and provisions for foot straps.

On this website the term Windsurfer represents both the Windsurfer One Design and the original Windsurfer as the same sailing techniques and rules apply to both.

Windsurfer sailors are famous for their friendly smiles and all-are-welcome attitude.  If you see us on the water or on the beach, come and say hello.